Thursday, July 9, 2009

Call it excessive Madness or Hysteria

There is always something within us, in some form, which kind of holds them throughout our life. We completely devote us towards it. Being faithful to it looks like our only aim or need of the life, when we get involved in it. Such a fulcrum behaves like the focal point where our life revolves around them all the way. Such an obsession to be involved into a certain craze can be identified named in many ways in many cultures and their communities, in the forms well known to them. This is fanaticism of being filled with excessive, uncritical zeal, particularly for an extreme religious or political cause or in sports, or with an obsessive enthusiasm for a pastime or hobby. By descriptions the fanatic displays very strict standards and little tolerance for contrary ideas or opinions.
A fanatic person can have an overwhelming liking or interest in a given subject and his behaviour will be viewed as something unusual and strange for all those who are not occupied in them. In no way such an extreme person is named as crank. The subject of the fanatic's obsession is completely "normal", in religion or politics or in Sports, except that the scale of the person's involvement, devotion, or obsession with the activity or cause is abnormal or disproportionate.

Subject 1: Divinity in India takes many forms and meanings in terms of its practices and beliefs of Hinduism. Over the times, these religious practices multiplied and morphed into a wide variety of unimaginable and at times incomprehensible beliefs. Although it is the monumental architecture of classical temples, it is the country's folk temples, several times greater in number, that reflect the living faith of the people.They act as a strong binding force bringing the society together, serve as a platform to showcase the expression of devotion of the people, which sometimes borders on the edge of sanity. The actual spirit of divinity and these practices still lingers in these villages where the various traditions hold an immense value and meaning to the believer. Every minute expression, act and gesture of these devotees thronging the temples, to show their submissiveness and immense faith, tells a story which needs to be understood and preserved.

Subject 2: Football in England, cannot be denied or overlooked as an entertainment or just another sport like any other country. It exposes their madness in the most dominant aspect here. One can witness the entire neighbourhood on the road, parks, pubs, grounds, etc, when a match undergoes with their national or their county teams. The culture of this sport is entirely interwoven with their life. One can hear so many insane stories of how people behave towards any aberration towards their game.

These are the two subjects where God in one case, and sports in another case as the major pivot, that I have come across already and trying to work more on these subjects. Besides that I am also working towards finding two more such pivots. It has been truly an exhilarating experience to see and witness the activities of people coming from various and believing in one power that has hypnotised them. Learning about people, culture and their beliefs can never leave mind-numbing. I have been such an enthused student from the time I was able to identify such a common thread between these communities which are entirely different in every aspect and have made me to crave more of these. Hence throughout this venture I am preparing to take any voyage and delve into more upon this, and I am sure, I wouldn’t end myself there, but to enquire for more from that summit too!