Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Panorama Thirupparankundram, Madurai

After 23 years I climbed this hillock, nearby my Home. Last time when I climbed, I was 1.5 Yrs!! This is from behind the Murugan Temple, one of the 6 abodes of Lord Karthikeya in Tamilnadu!

Learned the Language of the Monkeys, how to behave with them, or when to panic or not. My traveller friend cum Guide, Mr.Siva(43) helped me learn them. He has been walking till the top of the Mountain right from his childhood in the gap of 3 months everytime. He gets carrots alongwith him to feed those Monkeys. He has observed and understood the language of the Monkeys. It was astonishing, to know and feel the Humanity part of Monkey and their Behavior. Never look at them. They just want some opposition to give it back. Just check it next time. Never look them, they will feel very blank, wouldnt have anything to do back to us. But for sure dont carry the typical food bags, and they are going to jump behind you. Just walk past them, if you dont have anything to feed, or atleast the food u have doesnt look like some familiar food or food packet which they might know. Down here, it is the typical Yellow bag, they look for. Or else they are like anyother Human whom you can just walk past!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

A world within the world.

There is a world, which wakes up before the Sun could.
There is this world, which is on the run during the early morning to get hold of the fresh flowers.
There is this world inside, which can hear the sound of the birds fluttering around through the grand temple towers.
There is this world where, elephants are fed and made ready to welcome the pouring devotees throughout the day.
A world within the world.